Teeth Straightening: Fix Your Smile With Invisalign

Invisalign in shoreline

Invisalign helps straighten your teeth using a series of custom aligners created specifically for you. The trays are composed of invisible plastic that you wear over your teeth. The trays will shift your teeth into place over time. You must wear a different set of aligners every couple of weeks until you no longer need treatment. Invisalign can help you achieve a great smile.

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Heads Up! Sugar Might Be Secretly Attacking Your Teeth

Teeth Problem

One of the most common dangers for teeth is the buildup of sugar in the mouth. Sugar could be attacking your teeth and you wouldn’t even know it. The problem is not knowing targeting and eliminating the source of sugar. Fresh Fruits Most people know that fresh fruits are a source of simple sugars. Fresh fruits are commonly used as snacks to provide quick energy boosts throughout the day. They break down quickly and their nutrients are ...