Study Reveals: Poor Oral Health May Interfere with Your Hypertension Treatment

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A new research by the American Heart Association reveals that people with good oral health and healthier gums have lower blood pressure. These people also respond better to blood pressure-lowering medications when compared to those individuals who suffer from periodontitis.

People with Periodontal Disease Need Closer Blood Pressure Monitoring

The research based on a review of medical and dental exam records of more than 3,600 people with high blood pressure, emphasized the role of good oral health in blood pressure control, and its role in preventing ...

Denture Care Instructions: Consider Dentist’s Advice

Denture Care Instructions Consider Dentist's Advice

Many people are likely to lose their natural teeth to gum disease, cavities or injury, and replacing them can improve their smile and overall health. Dentures are removable artificial teeth, used to substitute lost natural teeth. Additionally, dentures make it easier for you to eat and speak. Significantly, you need to follow proper denture care instructions to keep your mouth healthy and your dentures Whether you are thinking of getting dentures, already own them, or know someone using them, it’s most likely that you may need answers to questions about them. Get ...

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay: Early Signs and Treatment Options

baby bottle tooth decay treatment

Baby bottle tooth decay frequently occurs in infants and children, mostly in the upper front teeth, but it may also impact other teeth. In some children, continued milk bottle use may result in cavity formation and baby teeth loss early which is referred to as baby bottle tooth decay (BBTD). Fortunately, the tooth can still be protected if the problem is identified early on.

Early Signs Indicating Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Sometimes tooth decay may develop as soon as the baby's first tooth appears and may go undetected. Some of the early ...

5 Tips to Prevent Grinding Your Teeth During Sleep

Occasional teeth grinding or bruxism is very common and can be considered just a minor annoyance. However, repeated or chronic grinding can cause a variety of health complications, if not treated on time. It can even negatively impact your quality of life. Thus, it is recommended to follow your dentist's instructions to stop grinding your teeth as soon as possible from its onset.

How to Stop Grinding Your Teeth

There are different techniques to avoid grinding your teeth at night, and your dentist will determine the most suitable one for you. Here are ...

Does Invisalign® Work for Overbite Problems?

Does Invisalign work for overbite

Many people may consider Invisalign® as merely a method for straightening teeth, rectifying crowded areas, and plugging gaps. However, with the advancement of dental treatment technologies, it is now regarded as a remedial approach to bite-related difficulties. Invisalign® offers excellent treatment for an overbite.

Read more to learn how effectively Invisalign® works for overbite problems:

  1. Invisalign® is a convenient and effective method to fix an overbite correctly, but it’s strongly recommended to begin the treatment at an early age.
  2. For the best results, begin treatment during jaw growth. The aligners get ...