How Soon Can You Return to Work After a Root Canal Treatment?

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Your body needs time for proper healing after a root canal treatment, but this shouldn’t be a hindrance to your routine activities. Most people can even resume work the next day. However, you should consult your dentist about the necessary aftercare to ensure a sound recovery. Read on to learn more about the root canal procedure and when you can resume work after the treatment.

Can You Go to Work Immediately After the Root Canal Treatment?

One of the most frequently asked questions about the root canal procedure is when you can restart ...

Ways to Effectively Reverse Dental Bone Loss

Ways to Effectively Reverse Dental Bone Loss

Dental bone loss is the loss of jawbone density in the region around a tooth or in the root of the tooth. It is a serious disorder that demands immediate attention and right dental care to prevent it from causing more severe health issues.

What Causes Dental Bone Loss?

Although with age, it is normal for your jawbone mass to decrease, many other factors promote dental bone loss. It is essential to learn about these factors to prevent or reverse dental bone loss. Dental bone loss is mainly caused by periodontal disease or ...

How to Clean Full Dental Implants at Home

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Losing one or more teeth can make eating and speaking difficult. Having a full set of dentures will eliminate many of the problems this situation can cause. A set of full dental implants is extremely beneficial and will help in preventing bone loss in the long run. With suitable care and proper cleaning, you can keep your dental implants looking their best for many years to come.

How to Clean Full Dental Implants

Maintaining clean full dental implants is easy if you understand how they are made. Unlike your natural teeth, dental ...