Does Invisalign® Work for Overbite Problems?

Does Invisalign work for overbite

Many people may consider Invisalign® as merely a method for straightening teeth, rectifying crowded areas, and plugging gaps. However, with the advancement of dental treatment technologies, it is now regarded as a remedial approach to bite-related difficulties. Invisalign® offers excellent treatment for an overbite.

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  1. Invisalign® is a convenient and effective method to fix an overbite correctly, but it’s strongly recommended to begin the treatment at an early age.
  2. For the best results, begin treatment during jaw growth. The aligners get ...

Invisalign Cleaning: How to Use Invisalign Cleaning Crystals

How to use invisalign cleaning crystals -Reign Dental

The Invisalign® system offers you an innovative way of re-aligning your teeth without the hassle and frustration of dealing with metal braces. Metal braces can cut the soft tissues of your mouth and collect debris that is difficult to remove. The removable aligners used in the Invisalign system can be snapped in and out of your mouth for easy cleaning and have no sharp edges. Here's how you can make use of Invisalign Cleaning Crystals or alternative methods for cleaning your Invisalign aligners.

How to Use Invisalign Cleaning Crystals?

Follow these steps ...

Invisalign Vs Ceramic Braces: The 7 Major Differences

Invisalign® Vs. Ceramic Braces

You might generally assume that Invisalign® and clear braces or ceramic braces are similar, but they are actually not. For clearing out the confusion, you should understand the differences between the two. Invisalign® and clear braces are two treatment choices that cater to different dental problems based on the type and magnitude of your case.

Invisalign® Braces

In this treatment option, clear, retainer-like aligners are used to readjust your teeth into place. You are required to wear the aligners ...

6 Reasons to Select Invisalign Braces for Your Teeth

Apart from giving an ugly appearance, distorted or asymmetrical denture can also make teeth cleaning quite daunting for you. An inappropriate teeth cleaning habit can eventually cause periodontal disease that poses a great risk of damage to your gum and bone as well as tooth loss. In order to ensure proper teeth alignment, you should consider wearing braces.

Invisalign Braces

However, traditional braces can make you particularly conscious of wearing them because they are non attractive, extremely uncomfortable, and ...