Basic First Aid Tips for Common Tooth Injuries

Dental Care

It is quite common to receive injuries while playing. Playing without a mouth guard exposes us to various kinds of risks such as chipped teeth, cracked teeth and even teeth loss. If the child loses a baby tooth prematurely, you do not need to replace it but if your permanent tooth is affected, it calls for a dental emergency. Following first aid tips should be followed in case of a dental injury: Collect Teeth Fragments

  • Handle teeth skillfully as damage may affect re-implantation.
  • Touch the crown or top part of the tooth. Avoid ...

7 Ways to Get Sparkling Snow White Teeth This Christmas

Sparkling Snow White Teeth This Christmas

Holidays come with a multitude of treats that can quickly damage your teeth, making your smile less perfect than you would like. With a little effort, you can enjoy your holiday and still have a healthy smile as the New Year approaches.

  1. Keep Up the Cleaning Routine - Now isn't the time to forget about brushing and flossing daily. Make sure to keep brushing and flossing regularly.
  2. Limit the Hard, Sticky and Chewy Snacks - Chewy and sticky treats stay with you long after the candy is gone, slowly eating away ...