What All You Need to Know About Frenectomy

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The frenulum (or simply Frenectomy) is the small piece of tissue that anchors the upper lip to the gums. In most cases, it only extends to the ridge of the tooth where the crown ends and the roots begin. Normally, as a child grows the frenulum will appear to shrink back preventing it from being seen when they smile or speak.

What Is a Frenectomy?

There are instances where the frenulum is abnormally large and extends downward towards the upper ridge of the exposed tooth. A frenectomy is used to ...

Easy Tips to Protect Your Teeth from Easter Treats and Recipes

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Everyone seems to be in a happy mood as Easter approaches and people start making arrangements with great zeal and enthusiasm. Children can be seen in a totally different mood as they expect gifts such as toys, chocolates, candies etc. In most of the stores in US, the shelves are generally occupied with marshmallow peeps, chocolate bunnies and the very popular and in-demand jelly beans. In the fun-filled and merry making environment people tend to eat more especially the chocolates and sugary food. What people forget is that dental health ...

Heads Up! Sugar Might Be Secretly Attacking Your Teeth

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One of the most common dangers for teeth is the buildup of sugar in the mouth. Sugar could be attacking your teeth and you wouldn’t even know it. The problem is not knowing targeting and eliminating the source of sugar. Fresh Fruits Most people know that fresh fruits are a source of simple sugars. Fresh fruits are commonly used as snacks to provide quick energy boosts throughout the day. They break down quickly and their nutrients are easily absorbed, providing the body with a quick burst of energy. Unexpected Sources of Sugar Even grains ...